sadly may 2021 reports davosagenda has cancelled aug 2021 update from singapore- next stops geneva mountains jan 22?
mahbubani syllabus- breaking news jan 2021 - singapores leader shares views at davos agenda and welcomes opportunity to stage entire weforum summit in august

1 Special Address by Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore

Public Speakers: Børge Brende, Lee Hsien Loong

when we surveyed goal 1 end poverty world bankers like jim kim about number 1 educatorof sdg generation he said sir fazle abed; when we asked fazle abed about coalition partners of university coalition he said a consensus among most asian ambassadors was singapore for knowing where to connect with and korea if you want to inspect some innovations humanising ai before you did a grand tour of china's connections such as the schwarzman triad: beijing's tsinghua, boston's mit, oxford's rhodes on number 1 educator /alumni netwrk to learn from he said sir fazle abed;

united labs for all human hope and love
-in the 2010s more data than humans had ever seen before was created by satellites and mobile devices; moreover 10 dollar computer chips had caught up with the number crunching ability of human brains- and unlike us 7.5 billion people could be cloned to operate specific systems in real time- eg soon driving and policing of cars can be done by the artificials but this begs a question what priority help do 7.5 billion people need? why over 15 years were autnonomous cars priortitised over ending viruses/ the answer is people at the top of the biggest organisations do not see natures challenges to us beings at ground level; the challenge of how to prioritise human ai was popular in the economist of the 1970s partly becuase a journalist had been privilieged to be one of the last people to interview von neumann whose legacy has been 60 years of ai labs started up with twins in 1960 facintg the atlantic out of bostons mit and facing the pacific out of stanford- exercise fingd a globe and point to a place where one thousandth of humans mediates a bigger diversity of demands for humanising tech than anywhere else? did you choose singapore: a island at the apex of the 2 coastlines that 70% of humans being asian depend most on for world trade shipping -while you should certainly choose anywhere on the globe you like to do this survey its extraordinary what can be learnt from singaporeans if 2021 is to be the most exciting and loving year after the hopelessyear of covid 2020 ...
what would happen if every under 30 -and their teachers -knew how to act on knowhow of singapore sustainability leaders -
here are 2 world class curricula, around which emeging applications map -vote for smart singapore youtube libraries 1 rsvp

Sunday, April 2, 2023

  Deepti Sri ·  · 2 min read

Singapore-based Apeiron bags $37m to expand biofuel network

Apeiron Bioenergy managing director Chris Chen (left) and Mitsui Chemicals director Yoshino Tadashi / Photo credit: Apeiron

Apeiron Bioenergy, a Singapore-based biofuel startup, has raised S$50 million (US$37 million) through the issuance of a five-year senior unsecured green bond.

The company said the fundraise marks the first bioenergy-focused SGD bond issuance in Asia. The deal was oversubscribed after Apeiron said it received interest from institutional and strategic investors.

HSBC acted as the lead manager of the bond issuance.

Funding details

  • Funding amount: US$37,000,000
  • Stage: Debt
  • Source

Apeiron collects various types of food and agricultural waste – including used cooking oil, tallow, and palm oil mill effluent – and converts them into biodiesel.

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The proceeds from the bond issuance will be used for general working capital, as well as capital expenditures to expand Apeiron Bioenergy’s network of collection points and treatment facilities for used cooking oil.

The company aims to capitalize on growing global demand for renewable diesel, such as sustainable aviation fuel, using its clean waste-based feedstock derived from used cooking oil. According to Research and Markets, global renewable diesel capacity is also expected to reach 14.63 million tons in 2024, representing a compound annual growth rate of 21.33% from 2020.

Used cooking oil is a key feedstock for Apeiron’s biofuel production, offering significant greenhouse gas emissions savings. Leveraging its extensive supplier network in Asia, Apeiron plans to consolidate waste-based biofuel feedstocks in the region, positioning itself as a hub for the mass consolidation of such feedstocks.

“This transaction highlights our commitment to support growth-stage companies that can facilitate the transition to a carbon-sustainable economy through increasing the availability of low-carbon alternative biofuels,” said Sean Henderson, co-head of debt capital markets at HSBC’s Asia-Pacific operations.

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Correction (June 26, 6:30 pm): This article has been updated to correct information regarding the investment round.

More details

Apeiron Bioenergy

The company was founded in 2007 by Chris Chen.

StageAmount (US$)Investors
BridgeUndisclosedMitsui Chemicals
Total37 million

Currency converted from Singapore dollar to US dollar: US$1 = S$1.35.

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