sadly may 2021 reports davosagenda has cancelled aug 2021 update from singapore- next stops geneva mountains jan 22?
mahbubani syllabus- breaking news jan 2021 - singapores leader shares views at davos agenda and welcomes opportunity to stage entire weforum summit in august

1 Special Address by Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore

Public Speakers: Børge Brende, Lee Hsien Loong

when we surveyed goal 1 end poverty world bankers like jim kim about number 1 educatorof sdg generation he said sir fazle abed; when we asked fazle abed about coalition partners of university coalition he said a consensus among most asian ambassadors was singapore for knowing where to connect with and korea if you want to inspect some innovations humanising ai before you did a grand tour of china's connections such as the schwarzman triad: beijing's tsinghua, boston's mit, oxford's rhodes on number 1 educator /alumni netwrk to learn from he said sir fazle abed;

united labs for all human hope and love
-in the 2010s more data than humans had ever seen before was created by satellites and mobile devices; moreover 10 dollar computer chips had caught up with the number crunching ability of human brains- and unlike us 7.5 billion people could be cloned to operate specific systems in real time- eg soon driving and policing of cars can be done by the artificials but this begs a question what priority help do 7.5 billion people need? why over 15 years were autnonomous cars priortitised over ending viruses/ the answer is people at the top of the biggest organisations do not see natures challenges to us beings at ground level; the challenge of how to prioritise human ai was popular in the economist of the 1970s partly becuase a journalist had been privilieged to be one of the last people to interview von neumann whose legacy has been 60 years of ai labs started up with twins in 1960 facintg the atlantic out of bostons mit and facing the pacific out of stanford- exercise fingd a globe and point to a place where one thousandth of humans mediates a bigger diversity of demands for humanising tech than anywhere else? did you choose singapore: a island at the apex of the 2 coastlines that 70% of humans being asian depend most on for world trade shipping -while you should certainly choose anywhere on the globe you like to do this survey its extraordinary what can be learnt from singaporeans if 2021 is to be the most exciting and loving year after the hopelessyear of covid 2020 ...
what would happen if every under 30 -and their teachers -knew how to act on knowhow of singapore sustainability leaders -
here are 2 world class curricula, around which emeging applications map -vote for smart singapore youtube libraries 1 rsvp

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

highs & lows of multilateral requests for cooperation from younger half of world 2023-2012

 I make this log as I am very confused- i folowed eg what jim kim asked youth to do when he joined world bank in 2012 - he also connecetd with ban ki moon presenting themsleves to youth as koreas cool twins for sustainability;

in 2007 I had started 16 journeys to bangladesh (and 50 youth summit observations with Fazle Abned and Muhamad Yunus0 getrting a new3 to me understanding of a billion poorest womens development since 1972 - both clarified it was francisacn servant leader culture they had applied to muslim vilage mothers empowerment - like kim everyone agreed it was thos culture that grew hope round last mile health services needed in t=tropical asia to raise life expectancy from 25 below world average 

2016 was the starngest of years

the new sdgs were being reviewed for firat time- at the un in spet,eber those reviewing education said its hopeless unless - one group went off to fund more but jim kim and hjack ma said hoipeless unless ai connects ediucation health trade - all of which was studied in geneva not in the conflict resoultion theatres of UN in Ny; so digital cooperatrion became the most exciting movemeny UN and yot=uth have ever been free to explore thamks to kim and mak and kitsui (unctad) and houlin (itu) then a panel adding melinda gates and another 20 mainly tech for humanity experts; by now engineer and francsican guterres had started a 10 yera term - and by 2019 what began as an edtech revolution was being edited into 9 step un2 roadmapping to chnage un and indeed all egov; amandeep edited this report but then keft for other work for 2 yeras before being called in july 2022 to lead un envoy cooperatiosn everywhere - look at his twiiter since to see how everywhere literally means 50+ countries

but for those of us who have argued since 1951 tht education not economics determines human sustainability, especially in the era that journalism advnaced by von eumma from 1951 gravoitated around- what goods will peopel do with 100 times more tech every decade 9and can the goods leap ahead of the bads- those who have done biographies of von neumann and the greatest web of mathematicaisn including einstein and turing will knw that they had a maximum of 12 yeras after world war 2 to map goods having  been compelled to spend their previous lives on nuclear arms race

tik tok and place elader who doesnt help youth cooperation by 2030 sgtart at elast heding in good directions by 2030 has below zero social or economic worth - one way to celebrate 22-23 as last best chance yera is to celebrate /viralise youths hapiest stories by each goal - if you care a damn about childrens futures become informed about chalenges like 

more to come on each yeras zig zag - editorial hope desperately welcome

if you joined in bangladesh women studies when they caled of in atlanta 2013 you will know that ira hefland reported that even a small nuclear war will reduce earth's population by at least a billion - we the older half have put nature in a very bad way as far as younger half of world's lives are conceredn- it may be thayt western democracy through badly designed mas media web1, 2 has been reduced to shouting at each other instead of helping youth and communities deep learn action silutions; that is no exciuse for where thos who have made th biggest dcecisons of the 21st have been way behind the intel vo neumans question demanded a smart species needed to cooperate around

Monday, September 26, 2022

what if it is time for ping pong diplomacy by every teacher or public servant worth a candle

 hello before going from dc to hong kong this weekend and associates singapore the week later - Ihave some questions about the first 8 year of the sdgs- do you know if tech envoy office can answer them

in 2007 I started going to bangladesh 16 times and meeting both Yunus(30 times worldwide) and fazle abed; in terms of billion asian womens development since 1972 Fazle Abed networks fit with my dads norman work on asia at the economist shared with people like prince charles (now KC3)  since 1962 -publications at ; then in 2012 jim kim at world bank added ideas and youth summits with ban ki moon; and in the middle of all this jack ma inspired many younger people including hangzhou g20 in 2016

it was these 3 people who started digital cooperation and so the whole of the tech envoy framework when in 2016 a first year review of sdg4 at UNGA found education could never meet goal unless it connect with geneva's UN networks of tech trade and health people

I am just a diaspora scot trying to connect trust with 8 billion brains; my questions are :1 does the un envoy process still value education challenge in 2016 sense of digital cooperation? and 2 is there anyone I could constructively talk to in hong kong ( eg does envoy office talk to or all the metaeverse leaders in hong kong?

202-23 Future Summit & SDG WEb3 Stories of Youthful Hope & Scial Action

My aim is to help younger half f world friend each other irrespective of border erection ny old people. I was fortunate to get several tours of tsingua and schwarzman scholars in Beijng before the covid and political troubles. I wonder what your experience is of what relationships need repairing first if youth and future summits are to linkin solutions over the next year

thank you for your consideration (please feel free to pass this on if someone else has info) +1 240 316 8157