sadly may 2021 reports davosagenda has cancelled aug 2021 update from singapore- next stops geneva mountains jan 22?
mahbubani syllabus- breaking news jan 2021 - singapores leader shares views at davos agenda and welcomes opportunity to stage entire weforum summit in august

1 Special Address by Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore

Public Speakers: Børge Brende, Lee Hsien Loong

when we surveyed goal 1 end poverty world bankers like jim kim about number 1 educatorof sdg generation he said sir fazle abed; when we asked fazle abed about coalition partners of university coalition he said a consensus among most asian ambassadors was singapore for knowing where to connect with and korea if you want to inspect some innovations humanising ai before you did a grand tour of china's connections such as the schwarzman triad: beijing's tsinghua, boston's mit, oxford's rhodes on number 1 educator /alumni netwrk to learn from he said sir fazle abed;

united labs for all human hope and love
-in the 2010s more data than humans had ever seen before was created by satellites and mobile devices; moreover 10 dollar computer chips had caught up with the number crunching ability of human brains- and unlike us 7.5 billion people could be cloned to operate specific systems in real time- eg soon driving and policing of cars can be done by the artificials but this begs a question what priority help do 7.5 billion people need? why over 15 years were autnonomous cars priortitised over ending viruses/ the answer is people at the top of the biggest organisations do not see natures challenges to us beings at ground level; the challenge of how to prioritise human ai was popular in the economist of the 1970s partly becuase a journalist had been privilieged to be one of the last people to interview von neumann whose legacy has been 60 years of ai labs started up with twins in 1960 facintg the atlantic out of bostons mit and facing the pacific out of stanford- exercise fingd a globe and point to a place where one thousandth of humans mediates a bigger diversity of demands for humanising tech than anywhere else? did you choose singapore: a island at the apex of the 2 coastlines that 70% of humans being asian depend most on for world trade shipping -while you should certainly choose anywhere on the globe you like to do this survey its extraordinary what can be learnt from singaporeans if 2021 is to be the most exciting and loving year after the hopelessyear of covid 2020 ...
what would happen if every under 30 -and their teachers -knew how to act on knowhow of singapore sustainability leaders -
here are 2 world class curricula, around which emeging applications map -vote for smart singapore youtube libraries 1 rsvp

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

dubai/ uae contributions to world economic forum

 when it comes to hi tech innovation city ports - dubai probably merits being in the premier league singapore heads in education and other subjects that interestme most- additionally we know from that the month after glasgow hosts cop26 dubai with expo is hosting the most innovative education summit the world has yet seen - rewired -so here are some conversations set up by uae connctors of #davosagenda

Speaking at Davos Agenda 2021, Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, UAE Minister of Cabinet Affairs, stated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced governments to adopt practices for consolidating future approaches and accelerate the implementation of innovative solutions.

The World Economic Forum is holding its first virtual annual meeting, maintaining the title of its traditional winter summit's Swiss location.

During a session called "Strengthening Stakeholder Capitalism Principles and Practices," as part of the pillar, "Leading Responsible Transformation and Industrial Growth," Al Gergawi stressed how governments have experienced new challenges.

He said this will require revisiting concepts and designing different work models to build up readiness for the future.

Al Gergawi noted that the UAE Government, under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, focusses on strengthening global partnerships and supporting the international efforts to find innovative solutions to all challenges facing the process of sustainable development, which will help to shape a better future.

Implementing Stakeholder Capitalism (Option 1)

Speakers: Klaus Schwab, John Defterios, Ilham Kadri, Anand Mahindra, Tito Mboweni, Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergaw

Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi

Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs of the United Arab Emirates

Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future of the United Arab Emirates (UAE); Chairman of the Executive Office of the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Advises the United Nations Secretary-General on High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation. The purpose of the panel is to advance proposals to strengthen international cooperation in the digital space, with the ultimate aim of realizing the transformational potential of digital technologies while safeguarding against risks and unintended consequences. Deputy Chairman: UAE’s Ministerial Development Council; Emirates Investment Authority, the UAE Federal Government’s sovereign wealth fund. As Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, led the development of the UAE National Agenda and Future Foresight Strategy. Chair, World Government Summit Organization, a global platform focused on shaping the future of governments; Chairman, UAE Council for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, Dubai Future Foundation. Co-Chairman, World Economic Forum Global Future Councils. Secretary-General, Mohammed bin Rashid Global Initiatives. Member of the Board: UAE University; Abu Dhabi University. Member, International Advisory Council, American University of Beirut. Honorary Fellow, London Business School. Founder, Dubai Autism Centre and UAE Disabled Sports Federation. Vice-Chairman, Dubai Club for the Disabled.

previousy in 2016 gergawi and dubi helped weforum host this key event

Forward Thinking: 700 Global Experts Converge on Dubai to Shape a New Global Future

12 Nov 2016

Oliver Cann, Head of Media Content, Tel.: +41 79 799 3405; Email:

  • World Economic Forum brings together over 700 world-leading experts in Dubai for its first-ever Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils
  • Purpose of the meeting is to develop ideas and strategies to prepare the world for the Fourth Industrial Revolution; topics include smart cities, robotics and the future of mobility
  • The meeting is co-chaired by Mohammad Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future of the United Arab Emirates
  • More information here:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 12 November 2016 – The inaugural Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils opens Sunday in Dubai, bringing together more than 700 experts from around the world to generate ideas and solutions to prepare the world for the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With experts comprising leading figures from global business and academia, public figures and heads of international organizations, the meeting’s focus on future preparedness will address a wide range of topics, from game-changing emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, to “systemic” challenges such as the future of the environment, economic growth and cities.

“As the Fourth Industrial Revolution picks up speed, we must develop new and creative ways of driving economic growth, bringing our communities together and fostering cooperation to tackle the challenges we face head on as a shared humanity,” said Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum.

“His Excellency Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and The Future and Co-Chair of the Annual Meeting of Global Future Councils, said: “Our region has played a major role in shaping the future of the world for centuries. Today, the forward thinking and vision of our leadership have succeeded in positioning the UAE as a hotbed for innovation, where planning for the future is at the very core of Government. This makes the UAE the ideal destination to host the inaugural Global Future Councils, which strive to find and implement real solutions for the challenges of the future, and flag future opportunities that we can all benefit from. Through this partnership with the World Economic Forum, the UAE is creating a platform where we can share our future-focused approach with our international partners.”

In addition to generating ideas to tackle challenges and seize opportunities, outcomes from the discussions of the 35 Councils meeting in Dubai will shape the programme of the 47th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, in January 2017.

The meeting in Dubai will see a high level of collaboration between the Forum and the Government of the United Arab Emirates. The country will be represented on each of the 35 Councils, ensuring that knowledge and ideas captured during the meeting are directly channelled into projects to prepare for the future. The United Arab Emirates is also contributing to a special workshop on future preparedness, which is being held on Monday 14 November.

Notes to Editors

The host broadcaster for the meeting is Dubai TV, an affiliate of Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI).

Everything about the meeting

Watch sessions live at

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