sadly may 2021 reports davosagenda has cancelled aug 2021 update from singapore- next stops geneva mountains jan 22?
mahbubani syllabus- breaking news jan 2021 - singapores leader shares views at davos agenda and welcomes opportunity to stage entire weforum summit in august

1 Special Address by Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore

Public Speakers: Børge Brende, Lee Hsien Loong

when we surveyed goal 1 end poverty world bankers like jim kim about number 1 educatorof sdg generation he said sir fazle abed; when we asked fazle abed about coalition partners of university coalition he said a consensus among most asian ambassadors was singapore for knowing where to connect with and korea if you want to inspect some innovations humanising ai before you did a grand tour of china's connections such as the schwarzman triad: beijing's tsinghua, boston's mit, oxford's rhodes on number 1 educator /alumni netwrk to learn from he said sir fazle abed;

united labs for all human hope and love
-in the 2010s more data than humans had ever seen before was created by satellites and mobile devices; moreover 10 dollar computer chips had caught up with the number crunching ability of human brains- and unlike us 7.5 billion people could be cloned to operate specific systems in real time- eg soon driving and policing of cars can be done by the artificials but this begs a question what priority help do 7.5 billion people need? why over 15 years were autnonomous cars priortitised over ending viruses/ the answer is people at the top of the biggest organisations do not see natures challenges to us beings at ground level; the challenge of how to prioritise human ai was popular in the economist of the 1970s partly becuase a journalist had been privilieged to be one of the last people to interview von neumann whose legacy has been 60 years of ai labs started up with twins in 1960 facintg the atlantic out of bostons mit and facing the pacific out of stanford- exercise fingd a globe and point to a place where one thousandth of humans mediates a bigger diversity of demands for humanising tech than anywhere else? did you choose singapore: a island at the apex of the 2 coastlines that 70% of humans being asian depend most on for world trade shipping -while you should certainly choose anywhere on the globe you like to do this survey its extraordinary what can be learnt from singaporeans if 2021 is to be the most exciting and loving year after the hopelessyear of covid 2020 ...
what would happen if every under 30 -and their teachers -knew how to act on knowhow of singapore sustainability leaders -
here are 2 world class curricula, around which emeging applications map -vote for smart singapore youtube libraries 1 rsvp

Friday, April 24, 2020

soros is one phone call away from the best news in youth world which is world banker jim kim has resigned this week from african infrastructure banking to return to boston to make it benchmark town for how youth can end the virus   

 the phone call soros needs to make is jim i have promised 20 university towns to unite them in the deepest sdg knowhow students and teaches needs- how can these towns learn as you app your end virus plan in boston.. i tried to follow every speech kim made when he was appointed 2012 to world bank- he was unequivocal his career leapt forward when he met soros and helped him with bottom up health challenges he was concerned with- as he did this work around 2000 they all found sir fazle and by 2005 gates soros fazle kim paul farmer boston haiti kagame rwanda were all working together and this was also essential to ending ebola in liberia and sierra leone-

i met paul farmer  technically the greatest health servant boston has ever had and chatted with him for 30 minutes at central european university celebration of fazle abed- can ban ki moon help jog soros to make this call- it goes bank to a conversation we had- and that i had with abed in 2013 when he first asked me to research why moocs hadnt scaled round those who wanted to open source life critical action learning

 - a mooc on all sdgs that unites all of abeds greatest partners isnt difficult- it needs everyone co-branding one bookmark as to where it stars- that is what whomever is responsible for unifying osun with everything of soros and everything of abed and everything of kim and gates etc needs to do so youth can scale what can save the world ... people around soros confuse what he most wanted to achieve - relaunch whole of east european including homeland as both eu and russia fell apart with the jim kim-abed solution network and with being the first funder of mobile phones in the viillage there again boston and fazle abed became they keys but it seems that none of the global board of soros open society know about this

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