sadly may 2021 reports davosagenda has cancelled aug 2021 update from singapore- next stops geneva mountains jan 22?
mahbubani syllabus- breaking news jan 2021 - singapores leader shares views at davos agenda and welcomes opportunity to stage entire weforum summit in august

1 Special Address by Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore

Public Speakers: Børge Brende, Lee Hsien Loong

when we surveyed goal 1 end poverty world bankers like jim kim about number 1 educatorof sdg generation he said sir fazle abed; when we asked fazle abed about coalition partners of university coalition he said a consensus among most asian ambassadors was singapore for knowing where to connect with and korea if you want to inspect some innovations humanising ai before you did a grand tour of china's connections such as the schwarzman triad: beijing's tsinghua, boston's mit, oxford's rhodes on number 1 educator /alumni netwrk to learn from he said sir fazle abed;

united labs for all human hope and love
-in the 2010s more data than humans had ever seen before was created by satellites and mobile devices; moreover 10 dollar computer chips had caught up with the number crunching ability of human brains- and unlike us 7.5 billion people could be cloned to operate specific systems in real time- eg soon driving and policing of cars can be done by the artificials but this begs a question what priority help do 7.5 billion people need? why over 15 years were autnonomous cars priortitised over ending viruses/ the answer is people at the top of the biggest organisations do not see natures challenges to us beings at ground level; the challenge of how to prioritise human ai was popular in the economist of the 1970s partly becuase a journalist had been privilieged to be one of the last people to interview von neumann whose legacy has been 60 years of ai labs started up with twins in 1960 facintg the atlantic out of bostons mit and facing the pacific out of stanford- exercise fingd a globe and point to a place where one thousandth of humans mediates a bigger diversity of demands for humanising tech than anywhere else? did you choose singapore: a island at the apex of the 2 coastlines that 70% of humans being asian depend most on for world trade shipping -while you should certainly choose anywhere on the globe you like to do this survey its extraordinary what can be learnt from singaporeans if 2021 is to be the most exciting and loving year after the hopelessyear of covid 2020 ...
what would happen if every under 30 -and their teachers -knew how to act on knowhow of singapore sustainability leaders -
here are 2 world class curricula, around which emeging applications map -vote for smart singapore youtube libraries 1 rsvp

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

There are many reasons why every girl should know about brac- world's largest ngo; the leaderr in empowering girls to alleviate extrme poverty
brac is 46 years old- born 1972- its forst 25 were competely nonm-digital working in vilages with no electricity
today grac head office is like the sun with varuous partnring satellites - for example the wporld's largest cashless bank that has recently been 20% acquired by jack ma the world's most extraordiunary fintech and ecommerce designer who wished to help youth achieve their dreams

sultan at great that he has his own space to finsd students on any agendas he sees helping brac and jack ma- pit this institute futrther way from head office- bit confused i think sultan said 2 of the main authors of the new hostory of brac are leaving - both the long ternm head of the research unity and the brac uni chiar who also cohosted the sanem evet - all tese people movements to check- poart of the isue of bridge old and young that brac is now at risk at but hopefukly jack ma will tactfully correct through exchngaes etc as un leading includer of youth in everything coree to their generation's sustainability

people at brac heaquarters
sir fazle abed - he briefed 20 friends of brac and girl empowerment and notrman macre foundation at japan embassy 2012
floor 17 is the executive floor where sir fazle's calm but highly concerned culkture emanates
Rana is a most helpful guide answering contact queries to offoicial visitors to bac
sir fazle was the world's and wise's fiorst education laureate 2011- at last meeting qatar nobv 2017 he asked us to coordiunate all education support through dr islam director of education
the education group is on floor x

shameran is the son of fazle abed; he works on the core microfinacial networks of brac as well as reecently linking with Jack Ma nd shaping the deal whereby jack ma takes 2% share in 1 so that the greatest fintech models for communities and jobs creatoirs are totally colaborating
inside brac shameran's group is on floor x

islam is the director of education at brac- responsible for connections with everyone who makes brac education the livelihood most creating in the world especially girl alumni of brac- as this npr program indicates there are many modes of brac as the largest learning network in the world of community education outreaching to over 140 million peopeple who without brac would have been the world's most poorest in villages (without electricity)

in 2017 a book on brac calloed "Driving Development" was published by about 15 senior managers - this provides a comprehensioce map of who does what at brac hq but not satllite networks of brac

people at brac university 3 minutes walk from brac hq

people at  about 30 minutes drive from brac hq
kamil quadir founded bkash; he briefed 20 friends sit fazle abed  and norman macfae foundationat japna embassy 2012 with tech support of brother iqbal at legatum/mit and other greatest wester fintech designers eg nick hughes who fathered mpesa in kenya
to add other satellites of brac