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Saturday, May 23, 2015

studying liberation theology by Gutierrez

G is a Peruvian who helped Catholics across south and central america at end of 1960s think through sustaining peoples in a post-colonising world

 Ironically Muslim Bangladesh was the first nation to scale such values - the soul of all sustainable microcredit networking is built on dna of Gutierrez, and Freire's Pedagogy of Oppressed. It is unclear to us whether any south american country has yet used LOT (and its social action method POP =Preferential Option Poor)

What has happened is that from late 1980s POP and LOT became the culture of partners in health, which sustains extraordinary exchanges between best of harvard medical youth and countries such as Haiti, Peru, Rwanda

 Around 1980 with thanks to Pope John Paul, Poland united to be the benchmark of escaping from Moscow's non-liberating cultures more soon