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CAN the world bank and YOU SHARE POP curricula; HEALTH, HUNGER --OPEN LEARNING millennials maps third of century before khan academy
collab at world bank-- Help with DC-Rome Festival of POP - white house 23 sept 2015, congress 24 sept... mobile 240 316 8157 isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com
help us turn march 2015 into one hour mooc-style stimulus on preferential option poor (POP)
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some questions why does joy matter to failths, professions or cultural mediators aiming to sustain relentless interventions by living and learning with the poorest

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Imagine feb 2015 is a month of mooc content on END HUNGER Preferential Option Poor
please help us co-edit this space or if you are on coursera this wiki

POP  end hunger - agriculture and bottom up crop science- there's no point the other kind of pop stars like Bono's One alumni https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJXqG40WH68
demanding 10% of economies are focused n agriculture unless we build on learning of agricultures greatest POP connectors - people like Borlaug-please note while feedthefuture is supposed to have been a signature effort during obama's adminsitration there isnt as yet even one week mooc on Who's POP who of agriculture (end hunger) 

-172 years ago The Economist was founded to mediate end hunger and yet in 2015 end-poverty economists and POP crop scientists cant even open source one week of open elearning content to engage citizens- whos' got their preferential options messed up - economists, educators, or agricultural consultants?

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