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CAN the world bank and YOU SHARE POP curricula; HEALTH, HUNGER --OPEN LEARNING millennials maps third of century before khan academy
collab at world bank-- Help with DC-Rome Festival of POP - white house 23 sept 2015, congress 24 sept... mobile 240 316 8157 isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com
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some questions why does joy matter to failths, professions or cultural mediators aiming to sustain relentless interventions by living and learning with the poorest

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

diary entry - may 2015 after dubai future capitalism dialogues linking tokyo, dubai, dc, and pan continent elearning

I have only just found that jim kim's first celebration (then new wb president) in 2012 was to bring world bank meetings to tokyo

hiro is it possible to find someone in Tokyo who celebrated this live back in 2012- and enjoys sharing what inter-capital students could know  ? 

moving world bank meetings happens once every 3 years; kim's last chance to do this is october 2015  in peru
2015 Annual Meetings in Lima, Peru. These activities will involve youth, academics, think tanks, the private sector, and civil society organizations throughout Latin America on a variety of issues of common interest.

PERU is Kim's favorite national partner in extreme social-medical innovation -its where around 1995 he innovated end of MDR tuberculosis  (was discovered by George Soros at the time the biggest change to his life) and where preferential option poor culture "POP" came from - POP is what paul farmer based partners in health on and why all my south american friends now want to help link in social innovation - eg mostofa and my friend bernardo in chile opened a school of social business has linked various universities ; naila hosts nanocredit franchise for south americas -paul farmer explains what youth can learn about hope from peru is here Dr. Paul Farmer on Hope

more critical path partnering deadlines at www.economistdiary.com